Appreciation for Academic Achievements  
Appreciation for Academic Achievements  
How can we work together and show our appreciation to the students that do their best in school at an academic level? This is the question I asked myself and this is what I came up with so far.
Each year we fly jets over our top sports teams and even the Presidents of the United States makes a call out to the top college team to congratulate them on their win, I’m fine with sports and kids getting exercise but I believe this pendulum has swung too far.  Please don’t get me wrong there is a lot to learn playing sports for example Leadership & Team building.
Each year I would like to see the top students from across the country gather on the steps of the White House and fly jets over them. To start this off I am working on a web site were individuals can add their name in support of the idea and how they are doing the same at a local level.
At a local level I will be contacting the local airport to see if I can get pilots to fly over a meeting with the Mayor while he thanks the best students for their hard work.
It might be me but when I enter schools I see trophies for sport accomplishments and again that might be fine but academic awards should be front and center with sports to the side.   
Appreciation Fly By
Town Vs Town
Reading Challenge
Recommended reading
This can be done at a local level reaching out to local airport by getting a group of pilots that would like to show their support for the academic efforts these young people have achieved.

Please let us know how you are making out and the date and time of scheduled events.
Please give us your recommended reads and why. Break down reading material into age groups.

We will also work on putting together recommended books. The books will be broken down into general reading, Non Fiction, Fiction, Math, Science, Reading and Writting, ect.
This should be a fun way for Mayors to have a friendly competition between town and gain a little bragging rights.

Who wouldn't want to live in a town that is the most well read?

Please keep us informed on how you are making out and scheduled reading events.

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Show your support to have our top students recognized for their efforts by Flying Jets By them while standing on the steps of the White House.
This should be done for our top high schools and another Fly by to show appreciation for our top college students.
I believe our President should make a call to the top high school and the top class within that high school and congradulate them for all their hard work. This should also be done at the college level.
Tell us about how your community supports the acedemic achievements of your local elementary school and college.

We plan on linking sites that promote the acedemic achievements and local articles that would be of interest to all.

Please let me not forget the top techical schools.
What high school would you recommend be listed as the best?

Even the best has room for improvements so please also give some thought on how the best could even be better.
Appreciation Fly By Petition
With the support of you and the efforts shown by your top students we can get this done!
If you would show your passion for this by signing the petition page below.
Thank you for showing your support for your best!
I like the thought that the Raising of water lifts all boats!